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What is the front office

The front office, conveys and generally manages most of the incoming and outgoing information flows. The first point of reference for the customer when he enters a company. The role of the front office is therefore fundamental in determining success. The owners of the companies are not always aware of this importance. Not always the staff who presides over it is aware of the importance of the role it plays and has the appropriate skills

Filter functions and transfers

The front office also performs an important filter function: It is advisable to investigate what type of problem you want to solve, not just transfer it to the right person
It is advisable, as far as the customer allows it, to investigate what type of problem he wants to solve. We must always remember that one of the primary needs of the client or a consultant is to feel reassured, to feel in the right hands and this feeling we must confirm systematically and with constancy, also and above all in the details.

Balance and conflict management

It is not uncommon to face a situation that is difficult to ascribe to customer attitudes. It is found to have a tariff with different relational approaches. The border between cordiality / conflict can follow, subtly. It is therefore evident that the function of contact with the customer is more difficult than the mere administrative work of back office and requires adequate psychological preparation, to always guarantee an impeccable and professional approach

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